The Math Machine

The math goes in, the fun comes out

Reading has funny voices and flights of fancy.
Science has excursions and crawling crabs.
But what does math do for fun?

Well, there is that whole solving-the-mysteries-of-the-universe thing, but forgive your seven year old if she's not overly excited by that just yet.

Even the most math-apathetic five to 11 year old will be into this slyly educational app, however. 

The Math Machine turns math into fun, by presenting the basics  from number sequences to times tables  as a Space Invaders-type game. Your kid will return to it again and again to better their last round - and, just quietly, themselves.

Believe us, this is one game you won't mind them clocking.


Available now in the App Store in English, Te Reo Māori and Spanish


Coming Soon
The Math Machine for all tablets

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